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When will it get it right? - John S - 05.11.2018

Running the initialisation took much longer than expected and the results were pretty ordinary.
A search for "Speedboat" yielded a seaplane and some canoes, no speedboats.
[attachment=21]  [attachment=22]

Searching for "Boat" was more successful although tents, safety fences and aircraft parts were misidentified.
[attachment=19]   [attachment=20]

A large number of "Rafts" and "canoes" were identified as "Boats" which is sort of correct but no sub-keyword was attributed to these devices.
A search for "Bridge" did find some bridges as well as old wooden houses, aircraft wings, the Eiffel tower, the Vatican and a Catalina flying boat .
"Tower bridge" found the Catalina flying boat.
I think it would be beneficial to put out a "Beta' version so many people can identify problems with the software.
I belong to a network of camera clubs and would recommend the software to members if it were much more accurate.
As it is I will not purchase until improvements are made.
I would, however, be happy to act as a tester and report back any inaccuracies I find in return for a fully licensed copy of the software.
I have a collection of thousands of historic aircraft photos, Parts and full aircraft and it is essential that these items be key worded correctly. I can forward samples if you need them.
John S

RE: When will it get it right? - ExcireThomas - 05.11.2018

Thank you for your feedback.

Best regards,