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Normale Version: Changing or removing keywords created by Excire
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Hi there,

I just installed a trial version of the plugin, and it looks good. But I have one issue:

A great deal of the keywords that was created during initialization are wrong and have absolutely nothing to do what is on the picture. A few examples:

People dancing tango - Keywords created: Sport/martial Arts/Taekwondo
Ice cream trucks on te street in New York - Keywords Created: Vehicle/Ambulance
View over New York from skyscraper - Keywords created: Technology/Circuit Board

And these are just a few examples.

I understand that AI doesn't work perfectly all the time - that's only the case in American movies. But since it doesn't it would be nice to be able to correct these mistakes. And maybe it is, but I just haven't found it yet?


Hi Stefan,

just check our new TT module, that allows for transferring Excire tags to an lightroom catalog, where you can delete and modify any keyword:


Best regards,

Yes, I have seen that there is that possibility - but it doesn't work unless you buy the software, and I don't want to spend the money before I've tested it and know it's work the money.
Well, there is nothing special. If you need Excire Tags in your Lightroom catalog and you wanne export them (directly to photos or xmp files), then you need TT. If this is not a necessity, then you do not need TT. The product page describes the module, which is not that complicated and there is no need for testing.

If you are interested in further information, just check the different review articles:


Happy new year,