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Normale Version: Excire Foto Version 1.2.1
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Version 1.2.1 contains the following changes:
  • The trial period has been reset
  • The trial period has been set to 14 days
  • The 'Add to collection' menu is now sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed a bug, that prevented the content of subfolders being shown correctly
  • Minor bug fixes, design changes and improvements
Mac-x64 (intel): https://shop.excire.com/downloads/excire...64.dmg.zip
Mac-arm64 (M1): https://shop.excire.com/downloads/excire...64.dmg.zip
Windows: https://shop.excire.com/downloads/excire....1-x64.exe

Version 1.2.1 can be installed over the existing version without having to add the photos again.