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Normale Version: No license key sent
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I'm hoping someone here can solve this issue. 
Upon paying for Exicre Foto (3 days ago), I was not sent a license. 
The license recovery feature does not work.
I tried it 2 times and it sends an email but no license. 

I've attempted to contact support twice today with no response.

I'm hoping an administrator will see this here and direct me to the proper channel.

Invoice number: 18496


I had the same problem after my purchase on 5/29. I ended up sending an email to support and had no reply for a day or two. It was the weekend when I sent my email and finally received a reply from Sol on Monday. He directed me to the license recovery page and of course that didn't help because I was never issued a license after purchase. I emailed him again explaining that the license recovery page wouldn't work since I had no license issued to me.

He replied with a license key and soon after, I received a standard email reply connected to my purchase with the same license key I had received from Sol.

I am guessing they had a campaign to increase sales and were backed up replying to the new purchase orders. Anyway, the glitch in my order was worked out.

Hi Greg,
Thanks for the info. I received a reply from Sol as well and after some more back and forth, a license key. I am up and running.
I am really happy with the program and it's operation.