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Normale Version: Trial version - limitation or not?
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Yesterday I became aware of Excire Foto and immediately was interested, so I downloaded it for trial usage. (I am a longtime Lightroom user)

So, immediately after installing it, I tried to add a folder containing some 500000 photos and other images (jpg, tif, png, psd, psb, dng and various other types of raw files).

Excure Foto started working in a promising manner. Three hours later, the night arrived. This morning I saw that the 'import' had finished. However,. only some 67000 pictures had been registered.

Now, my questions:

1. Is the trial version able to cope with a only a limited number of images?
2. Is there a limitation to the number of handled images, for the licensed version of Excire Foto? If 'yes', what is the limit?

this is not a limitation of the trial version.

Please, in cases like these, contact our support team for fast and individual problem solving.

In Excire Foto there is an option for this in the Help-menu "Send error report", which will provide us with the necessary technical details about your configuration.