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I'm new to excire, even though there are some request on my mind, i Decided to buy the product after one day of trying it out.

On the topic of new features I came across this forum and I though it would be good to have the capability in this forum, to vote on requested features.
There are a few features requested which I also woul dlike to see in futire updates. e.g., Face tagging with names and the possibility to filter (only RAW, only jpg, etc).

Peter Klein
Hey Peter,

welcome Smile

At the German part of the forum, there are a lot of feature requests too. There was also the request to have a kid of overview what has been requested already so anybody could chime in and vote. It makes things really easier. However, it is also a good practice to comment on those feature requests too. For the first reason, to see of course that this feature is having a broader demand. Secondly, each photographer wants to have the feature slightly different or even enhanced rather than basic. So for the Excire people it is good to get to know what we as users like to see and how we see the product can be enhanced. With a pure voting system this would not be possible.