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Normale Version: How to synchronize star ratings from Lightroom?
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I have a large collection of photos in Lightroom, and recently I've overhauled my rating system in Lightroom by assigning new star ratings to all photos. I then instructed Lightroom to save all metadata to a sidecar file. In Excire Foto, I selected all the photos and did a Photo > Load metadata. This results in all my Lightroom keywords being transferred over. However, the star ratings do NOT get transferred over!

What I'm seeing in Excire are the star ratings from my "old" system in Lightroom, when I first installed Excire. For example, photos that are two and three stars in Excire should now be zero stars. However, the old two and three stars still appear.

I have tried saving and loading the metadata many times. I have noticed that other star rating changes (like 4 and 5 stars) do get transferred over.

Is there a bug in Excire that causes it to ignore metadata that shows zero stars?  Huh