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Normale Version: Program Freezes on Mac M1
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After registering about 35-40000 photos, the program screen goes black and all activity ceases. I have to Force Quit and restart the program, then Synchronize to get it to continue. After a further 35-40000 or so, the program freezes again. To build the first folder database for 230000 photos, I had to restart the program five times. This is unacceptable. The registration of the entire folder should be done in one pass.

I am using the program on a MacMini with M1 Apple Silicon and MacOS Big Sur (11.6.1).

Please fix this terrible bug.

Thank you.
Hi Bill,
yes, the process would normally rund smoothly in one pass.

Please contact our support team by clicking "Send error report..." in the Help menu.
This way we can look into the details of your configuration and try to solve the issue.