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Normale Version: Moving photos from one folder to another?
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Looking at the posts here I'm assuming it isn't possible to move photos to another folder within Excire. Is that correct?

I currently use Photo Supreme but find it a bit cumbersome as far as key wording. I do, however, use it to maintain my folder structure. For instance newly taken photos go into the "New Photos" folder from my SD card. As I process them I'll move them to any number of other folders like "Low Priority", "Rejected", "Prepared" or "Finished".

If I can't move photos around how would you suggest I use Excire to manage things?

I think I really like your program but I'd probably have to modify my workflow. That's not a deal breaker by any means but I'm on the 14 day trial so will need to decide soon.

Again, Excire is pretty slick and I think you're onto something.

Many thanks.