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Normale Version: Photography key words
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It would be useful to be able to search for black and white photos.

As far as I can see it isn't possible to do this at the moment, although there is a category for sepia.

I don't know whether this can help, but what I actually do is to add a keyword B&W to all my black and white photos. I know they are all under my "Scan" folder, then simply select them all and then add this keyword.
After that, if I need a specific photo or group of photos, I search for B&W and add some other filters I need. This works fine.
I just downloaded the trial and before using it I had in mind newer keywords.
The need arise when dealing with thousands of mobile photos each month, of many different types. Mine and from my family. I guess this is the tendency.
Now it is usual to get screenshots from receipts, or chats. And handwritten stuff. Also it is more and more common to photograph documents, like a prescription, an invoice, a contract, and similar.

I did this list for you to consider:
a) Mobile screenshots
    - chat (any kind)
    - receipts (payment, bank transfers)
    - screenshots in general
b) Photos related to handwriting
    - handwritten note
    - has handwritten in it
c) Photos of documents
    - checks
    - receipts
    - invoices and similar
    - notarial deed or scripture
    - contracts
    - diplomas
    - certificates
    - prescriptions
    - medical exams results
    - ads
    - other documents

Thank Excise for all your offering!
Now lets try it!