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Normale Version: Software limitations?
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I have a drive with just over 500 folders with a total of about 5tb of images. The images are mixed - RAW (Nikon NEF), PSD, TIFF and JPG. The same image often has a NEF, PSD and JPG file associated with it. I ran the trial version overnight and it seemed to finish, but when searching, I got almost no results. Is this a limitation of the trial version or an inability to deal with this much data and/or duplicates?

Hi Bert,

to have a closer look, we would need you to send us an error report from the program. For Excire Search you do that from the plugin manager in Lightroom. There, under Excire Search, is a button to send the error report, so we get the technical logfiles.
Sorry, I posted this to the wrong forum - it should be for Excire Foto. I'll repost to the right forum.