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Normale Version: Excire Foto Version 2.1.0
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Version 2.1.0 contains the following changes:
  • The trial period has been reset
  • Quickstart guide added to help menu
  • Search for duplicates: Improved by including the capture date by default, if available
  • Search for duplicates: Added a new search mode for higher accuracy
  • Search for duplicates: Filenames can now be used as criteria in the flagging assistant
  • Search for duplicates: Photos that belong to a custom collection are now marked
  • Search for duplicates: An info widget allows you to quickly view the path of a photo (Shortcut 'i')
  • 'Create folder' added to the device context menu
  • 'Create subfolder' added to the folder context menu
  • 'Move' added to the folder and photo context menu and as a 'Drag and Drop' function
  • Improved 'Choose application' of the 'Open With' menu to support more applications
  • Added 'Renaming Profiles' to the 'File' menu
  • Added 'Batch Renaming' to the context menu of photos, to the export menu and the 'Copy and add' function
  • Added sorting option 'Recently added'
  • Improved photo menu and menu shortcuts
  • Improved image quality in preview mode
  • Improved support for Apple ProRaw DNGs
  • Improved photo navigation in preview mode (ctrl + shift + mousewheel)
  • Preventing preview mode when double-clicking with ctrl, shift or meta key pressed
  • Updated handling of timestamps to prevent incorrect display of time zone offsets (requires metadata reloading)
  • The loader path has been improved to reduce the possibility of a java script error at startup
  • Authorization processes for 'Sharing' have been updated to the latest version
  • Fixed a bug where the previews of dng files with too small embedded previews were displayed distortedly
  • Fixed a bug that caused the photo removal task in the duplicates view not to finish in rare cases
  • (Windows) Fixed a bug related to loading invalid GPS metadata
  • Fixed 'Share' menu for result collections
  • Minor bug fixes, design changes and improvements

Mac-x64 (intel): https://shop.excire.com/downloads/excire...64.dmg.zip
Mac-arm64 (M1): https://shop.excire.com/downloads/excire...64.dmg.zip
Windows: https://shop.excire.com/downloads/excire....0-x64.exe

Version 2.1.0 can be installed over the existing version without having to add the photos again.
The first start will take a little longer due to database migrations and optimizations.
A database that has been migrated to version 2.1.0 can no longer be used with older versions.