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I'm just trialing Excire and so far I am impressed by speed of operation and the clean interface. But my primary goal with Excire would be to replace Adobe Lightroom for keyword management, and that leaves me with one problem with Excire.

I found the Preferences setting to import keywords from the files and turned it on. With this, Excire is reading the Subject tag in my Adobe DNG files to populate its database. However, given Excire supports keyword hierarchies, I was really hoping it would read the Hierarchical Subject tag so that it could build my own tags into a hierarchy, as I had in Lightroom.

Here is an example of the two tags from one file:

Subject                         : 70, Alliance Airlines, Fokker, NZWN, VH-NKU, air operator, aircraft, airfield

Hierarchical Subject            : air operator|Alliance Airlines, aircraft|Fokker|70|VH-NKU, airfield|NZWN

Also, it would be useful if I could turn off Excire's AI tags, either just from the keyword viewer, or entirely. Excire did the most impressive categorisation I have yet seen, however for my work it is not ever going to give me the sort of things I have above.

Excire Foto does not support hierarchical organization of custom keywords at the moment.

But if you use Adobe Lightroom Classic maybe Excire Search 2 is the software you should use.

We recommend to have a closer look:


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Thanks, but my goal is to replace Lightroom, not supplement it. Lightroom's own keywording and searching is sufficient, even perfect, for my needs, but I would like to be rid of Adobe for something more lightweight. So far, no other product has been able to match Lightroom's capabilities. Excire comes quite close — and it is by far the fastest and best looking contender I have tried — but without hierarchy I cannot use it.

I get that AI is the new hot thing, and as mentioned Excire has the most impressive results so far, but to my mind AI can never achieve 100% and is many years away from achieving 90% accuracy at which point it might be good enough to rely on for basic keywording. I do not expect to still be alive when AI can achieve what I need today.
I agree with you.  I wanted to replace Lightroom as I only use it for cataloging but I need the hierarchial keywording from Lightroom if I am to replace it.
I also want hierarchy keywords which is present in ver 1.3. I'm on the trial but can't assign a custom keyword from the existing list. I can't find any way of doing that. The manual is limited on working with keywords and many questions on here go unanswered for months or even years. Getting help isn't easy.

I never did use LR Classic much as I found it poor, not as bad as the CC version, that was a disgrace. Keywords are the thing that is putting me off buying Excire.