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I'm testing Excire right now.
This software is promising but I have a few remarks:
1 / My archives are stored on different NAS joined in a local network. Can the database be consulted and managed from different points in this network?
2/1: 1 previews are not useful to me, could we have the choice of format?
3 / The DNG and RW2 files use the preview of the original file, the metadata are written in the preview and do not follow the original file when we go to the edition. can we fix this?
4 / When will there be a French version?
5 / The import is very slow.
6 / is there a limit for the database?
7 / Where is the database stored? What's her name ?
Thank you for your answers and well done for this work!

Nelly Blaya
Windows 10 user