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Normale Version: When are XMP files used to store metadata?
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With proprietary RAW formats we are unfortunately unable to write metadata into the file due to a lack of standardization. This is handled similarly by other products such as Adobe Lightroom Classic. With DNGs and JPEGs things look a bit different. There we try to store the metadata in the file, unless the option "Always use XMP files" is activated. It may happen that writing metadata to a DNG does not work for various reasons. In this case, a XMP file is placed next to the DNG.

Since exporting metadata is disabled in the trial version, I used Excire Foto to export metadata for a few selected photos (3x CR2 with a branch file and a JPEG) and uploaded them:


You can use these to check compatibility with other programs.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to export metadata from Excire Foto and import it into Lightroom: