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Normale Version: Plans for using exif gps metadata?
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I have 20,000 photos and only two of them show any country/county/city information, but I know I have gps tagged 1000's of them.  Strangely enough, two photos taken years ago have such information in excire.  I examined these two photos and found the information in the IPTC section, and it looks like they were put there by Lightroom. All my other photo's are GPS tagged in the exif with coordinates, I have not used lightroom for many years now and all my other programs and my current camera store  GPS coordinates in EXIF.   I realize that to do a reverse lookup from GPS coordinates will be time consuming.  It looks like I can use a program called Geosetter to populate the IPTC location data, but that's going to be laborious for 20,000 photos.
Thanks for your suggestion. Geo-Tagging from GPS data is something that we definitely want to add in the future. We did some very early prototyping, but it will still take a while before it's ready.