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Normale Version: Face Tagging/Naming
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The one thing that is preventing me from using Excire Foto for my photo database, is the inability to add names to the detected similar faces, and than have the ability to export the names as a normal tag.  I was wondering if your team could add this feature?

Thank you,
Hello! Do you mean the ability to assign a name to one of the faces and the software automatically assigning that name to all similar faces as well?
Yes, that’s exactly the feature! I was also wondering if there could be an ability to export those names as a regular tag in the actual photo by clicking the store metadata button.
Right now it is only possible to search for similar people and tag the images manually. The problem with automating that process is that it will never be 100% perfect and will thus require a lot of correction anyway. But we are considering such a functionality for the future, once we figured out a workflow that is satisfying.