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Normale Version: Excire Search Version 2.0.1
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In the latest version the performance of initialization of photos has been improved. Especially on Windows this results in a much faster initialization.

In addition to other minor bug fixes, the following errors have also been fixed:
  • Fixed an error that occurred since Lightroom 10 when the option "For stacks, only initialize the top photo" was enabled.
  • Fixed an error that occurred in some case when updating from Excire Search 1 to Excire Search 2.
  • Corrected an error that occurred when automatically initializing imported photos if initialization of photos was already in progress.
  • For some photos certain metadata may be missing in the Lightroom catalog, so these photos could not be initialized before. An initialization of these photos is now possible.
  • The speed of "Search for People" has been increased.
  • The keyword filter in "Search for People" now remembers the last selected keywords.
  • An error in "Search for People with Previous" was fixed.

Mac: https://shop.excire.com/downloads/Excire...-2.0.1.zip
Windows: https://shop.excire.com/downloads/Excire....1-x64.exe