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When testing this software, it worked well for many of the functions that I needed.  There were several issues\bugs\missing features that I ran across that I thought I would provide feedback on in the hopes that they might get implemented and improve the product.


- Recently added doesn't show new photos added by a folder synchronization
-- Workaround: Implement allow sorting photos by added date?

Big Inconveniences:

- Show the full picture folder path of selected photo (in metadata table)?  Seeing the folder names can provide context on the picture.

- When scanning metadata, read the people tag (add each person as keyword) - Not reading in people names from tag that photo\microsoft gallery
-- Also in future scan for actual face data (microsoft gallery \ tag that photo \ lightroom)

- Allow searching by date range (instead of having to select each month in the filter dropdown)

- Add adjustment slider for find a face (either from external photo or internal one).  Allow user to make more lax (finding more photos) or strict (only better matches)

- Resolve gps coordinates to city, state, country (reverse geocoding)
-- in future allow searching a map by bounding box
-- also in future a map display of all photos marked by location

Nice to haves:

- When analyzing picture, add sfw\nsfw\unknown(edge case) tag using ai models (i.e. https://github.com/yahoo/open_nsfw).  Could be option since will add more processing time.

- When searching for a face from external picture, allow multiple photos of that person to be uploaded to allow for better\more matches to be found

- If photo doesn't have a data created tag, use the file creation date - or add this as an optional metadata field (file created) and allow secondary searching on it

- Duplicate consolidation (detect and consolidate duplicates)
-- Ideally detect photos that are the same except resolution changes or minor editing (i.e. visipics)

- Allow more excire keywords, example clothing type (shirt, suit, dress, shorts, swimsuit, etc). 
-- Possibly allow wider variety of keywords (maybe just in metadata and searchable if don't want to break current keyword hierarchy) using something like resnet2