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options that I would like to see - eduarddekam - 13.03.2018


I think Excire is very useful as an addition to Lightroom.

I have some suggestions:

1. would it be possible to have users add their own language by adding their translated keywords to an extra column of a table that holds the current languages?

2. For some users it is useful if the keywords can be added in multiple languages.

3. Make it an option to run the plug-in automatically as part of every import action when one adds new photos to Lightroom.

RE: options that I would like to see - ExcireThomas - 03.04.2018

Hello and thank you for these interesting suggestions. We will check all of them and if it's possible from a technical point of view, we will add it to our Excire Search plugin.

Best regards,


RE: options that I would like to see - Hongzilla - 03.08.2021

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