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Oh dear lifetime offer ??? - oh dear - 04.09.2021

very vague ???  (link removed) check here then takes you to price page the very very confusing. 
Drought they will get any new customers with clear concise details 
then shows three options you click on one to buy 
then at bottom of page it says >>>  Existing customers will receive a significant discount. Just enter the email address you used to purchase a previous version of Excire Search on our Checkout page in the Existing Customer field. The special price of 29€ will then be displayed immediately
this really does not offer any confidence  that there are offering a life time deal ????.
just ,my thoughts on this matter , so pay 69 USD , not sure of anything , 
why have offer on here (link removed) with very vague messages ????????????

RE: Oh dear lifetime offer ??? - ExcireHendrik - 06.09.2021

I removed the links in this article.
We don't recommend to follow any special deals that are not officially connected with us.