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Other versions of Excire (stand-alone) - Paul Edney - 09.07.2019

Good morning from Boston,

There was mention about a year ago of a possible standalone version. With the exciting development of the Intel partnership, is that still in the plan?

I ask because many alternatives to Lightroom are emerging and being able to use other workflows might be beneficial to some.

Thank you,


RE: Other versions of Excire (stand-alone) - ExcireSebastian - 10.07.2019

Hello Paul,

Our standalone version "Excire Desktop" is still in development. We hope to release it in this autumn.

The current version of Excire Search (1.3.5) implements the first step in our intel partnership, which makes it faster in initialization of new images. The next version of Excire Search will be more optimized for that matter.

Best regards,