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Excire Foto Version 1.0.4 - ExcireMike - 15.06.2020

Version 1.0.4 contains the following changes:
  • The trial period has been reseted
  • (Windows) cr3 can now be displayed and analyzed
  • (Windows) Startup blackscreen problem was fixed
  • (Windows) OpenWith now works as intended
  • (Windows) Browser tab doesnt crash anymore
  • '&' character in program path is now accepted
  • Fixed a problem regarding tiff workflow
  • Drag-and-Drop photos to Excire Foto doesnt add those photos as folders anymore
  • Adding a root folder (e.g. C:\) now works as intended
  • Fixed a problem regarding metadata of exported photos
  • Some minor bug fixes
Mac: https://shop.excire.com/downloads/excire-foto/ExcireFoto-1.0.4.dmg.zip
Windows: https://shop.excire.com/downloads/excire-foto/ExcireFoto-1.0.4-x64.exe

Version 1.0.4 can be installed over the existing version without having to add the images again.