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Can I use the same database from multiple computers? - ExcireSebastian - 03.12.2020

The Excire Search database is always located in the same directory as the Lightroom catalog. if the folder containing the Lightroom catalog is, for example, copied to a network drive and opened from another computer, Excire Search will also open the associated database.

However, it is not possible to use the database from multiple computers at the same time. Only one use after the other works.

Storing the database including the previews on a network drive can have an effect on performance.

Again, one license can be used on up to three computers.

Problems when mixing macOS and Windows:
When using a Lightroom catalog on both Windows and macOS, it is also important to ensure that new photos are only initialized on one of these operating systems. So, photos must not be initialized alternately on both Windows and macOS (adding to the catalog is fine). Otherwise, an error may occur in the search with example photo, which can only be fixed by resetting the database (see How can I reset the Excire Search database or restore a backup?). Therefore, since Excire Search 2.1, such alternate initialization is no longer possible.