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How to uninstall Excire Foto? - ExcireTobias - 25.01.2021

If you want to uninstall Excire Foto in order to reinstall the same or a newer version later, you should backup your database before uninstalling. Here you can learn how to do that: How can I create a backup of the database and import it?

To uninstall Excire Foto from your computer, follow these steps:

Re-open the installation disk image of Excire Foto and double-click "Uninstall."
The latest installation disk image can be found here: https://forum.excire.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=29

Open the Windows Control Panel and select "Programs" and then "Programs and Features." In the list of installed programs, look for "Excire Foto" and select "Uninstall."

RE: How to uninstall Excire Foto? - Moran59 - 27.12.2021

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