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Photo cannot be moved to system trash
(23.04.2021, 12:45)ExcireHendrik schrieb: Hi there,
please be aware that Excire currently does not support moving files from one place to another.
Adding images to a collection is just a virtual operation happening inside of the Excire database, but has no effect on the files on your harddrive.
Your workaround using the system trash is very risky, and would not be recommended by us.

At the moment, files cannot be moved by Excire. After you have moved them using the function of your operating system, files can be reintegrated using the synchronize function in Excire.

Thanks for your reply. 
Is it likely that in the future, the ability to move the files to another folder will be possible.  Seems to me it would be a fairly simple issue, and VERY handy.


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RE: Photo cannot be moved to system trash - von Dspady - 23.04.2021, 22:02

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