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Find duplicates like in Excire Foto
That would really be nice, however, I'm not quite sure if this is possible at all. Excire Search is creating collections for review that is what it can do within Lightroom. After that the collection and it's content is no longer present to Excire Search. It is different as we know it from Excire Foto, i Excire Foto the step to pick/reject is an additional step after the duplicates have been identified, there is in my humble opinion no option to access the images for Excire Search within Lightroom. In Excire Foto the Flag Manager can access the internal Excire Foto Database. In LrC Excire Search would need to access and compare the images again, as all the data is stored in Lightroom not in Excire Search. That might be a time consuming process. But maybe I am wrong and there might be an easy way for Excire Search to bring the Flag Manager to Search too?

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Find duplicates like in Excire Foto - von Hybra - 15.07.2022, 19:32
RE: Find duplicates like in Excire Foto - von JKN - 22.09.2022, 09:30

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