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I don't Understand "Previews"
(12.01.2023, 11:04)ExcireHendrik schrieb: When you add a folder, Excire Foto will always create thumbnails as a minimum requirement. Additionally, previews are created to view images in a larger view (not 1:1). If there is no preview image, and there is no embedded preview in the file either, or the image with the embedded preview is offline (external drive not attached), the thumbnails will be enlarged in that case, which leads to a bad quality of the preview.
Which is the cause of most complaints we get in support about the preview quality. So we recommend to leave this setting activated. It can save a little disk space to switch it off, but as I said, in most cases the advantages are much bigger.

Thank you for the quick reply!
I think this kind of information (explanation of several scenarios and your recommendation/reasoning) would be very helpful to include in the documentation and/or the FAQs. I read both of those, and I still wasn't quite sure what the benefits were of "previews."
With Documentation, I always think "more" is more!

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I don't Understand "Previews" - von joelthomas - 12.01.2023, 09:31
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