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What must be considered when loading and saving metadata?
When adding photos, their metadata is loaded. In order for the keywords already stored in the photo to be loaded as well, the "Load keywords from analyzed photos" option must be enabled. You can find this option in "File" -> "Settings" in the "Metadata" tab.

Although all the metadata is loaded while adding photos, the keywords stored in the photos are not added into Excire Foto until after the subsequent analysis of the photos. Therefore, if the "Analyze photos" option is disabled during the adding, the keywords will not be loaded. Although the analysis can be done later by right-clicking on a folder choosing "Analyze", the keywords can only be transferred to Excire Foto if the analysis is performed directly when the photos are added.

For photos that have already been added and analyzed, the loading of metadata (including keywords) can also be triggered afterwards by running "Photo" -> "Load Metadata".

When saving metadata via "Photo" -> "Save Metadata", so-called "Metadata Arrays", to which the keywords also belong, retain metadata already saved in the photo. The keywords assigned in Excire Foto are appended to the already existing ones. In order to ensure that the keywords stored in Excire Foto are exactly the same as the keywords assigned in Excire Foto, the option "Append metadata array content" must be deactivated. This will replace the keywords in the photo with the keywords assigned in Excire Foto. You can find the option in "File" -> "Settings" in the "Metadata" tab.

Please note that if the "Append metadata array content" option is disabled, you may lose keywords that have not been loaded into Excire Foto.

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