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Excire Foto Version 1.1.0
Version 1.1.0 contains the following changes:
  • The trial period has been reset
  • Added IPTC profiles and metadata editing
  • Added a file name and file extension filter
  • The preview mode has been improved (e.g. dragging and zooming)
  • Added a list of shortcuts to the help menu
  • Added support for .rwl files
  • Added options 'very high' and 'maximal' to the thumbnail quality selection
  • The algorithm for creating thumbnails and previews has been replaced
  • Revamped the hovering annotations for faces in the 'Find people' dialog
  • Fixed a bug regarding the setting 'Append metadata array content'
  • Fixed a bug regarding files with an exif orientation
  • Fixed a bug regarding the keyword filter in the 'Find people' dialog
  • Fixed a bug regarding the reading of ill formed metadata from .dng files
  • Minor bug fixes, design changes and improvements

Version 1.1.0 can be installed over the existing version without having to add the photos again.
The first start may take a little longer due to database migrations.

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Excire Foto Version 1.1.0 - von ExcireMike - 25.11.2020, 10:55

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