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Import from camera
I probly was looking from wrong places, but i could not found how I could do few steps from my workflow, so help would be greatly appriciated:

- I want to connect camera or memory card to computer, program would check for new photos
- Import those new photos to subfoder mm of main folder yyyy
-Add new photos to collection

Thanks for any help.
What you want to do is currently not possible with Excire Foto. With the functionality "Copy and add" from the menu it is possible to copy all photos from your memory card to a new folder on your computer and to directly add this folder to Excire Foto. Currently the new folder can not be a folder, that has already been added to Excire Foto. A subfolder is possible, but it must be created outside of Excire Foto and must not be added itself yet. Also currently a check for already added photos does not exist.

However, we are planing an improvement of the "Copy and add" functionality.

So far the best way to achieve what you want is to manually copy the photos from your memory card to a folder on your computer and use the "synchronize" functionality (right click on a already added folder) to add the new photos to Excire Foto.

Best regards
Thanks Sebastian, tried the method today and works good enough. New happy purchased used here!

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