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What must be considered regarding metadata when using other programs?
When switching between Excire Foto and other programs, there are different things to keep in mind regarding saving and loading metadata.

Please also note the following when saving and loading metadata:
What must be considered when loading and saving metadata?

Load keywords:
If Excire Foto is to load keywords written by other programs, then the option "Load keywords from analyzed photos" must be enabled.

Keyword hierarchies:
Since there is no established standard for saving keyword hierarchies, Excire Foto does not read hierarchies saved by other programs. Therefore, keywords are always imported with flat hierarchies.

Delete keywords:
If your workflow includes deleting keywords in Excire Foto or another program, and you want to synchronize this between the programs, the "Append metadata array content" option must be disabled. You must also make sure in all programs that after adding or deleting keywords, you save the metadata to the file and reload it before further processing in Excire Foto.

ACDSee stores keywords in its own metadata field and format, instead of using the metadata field (dc-subject) provided by the standard for this purpose. Excire Photo does not read keywords stored in this way.

Capture One:
Capture One always stores the metadata in XMP sidecar files. Excire Foto stores the metadata directly in the files by default for formats that support it (e.g. JPG and DNG). Only for RAW formats are sidecar files used. As a result, Excire Foto does not read the metadata written by Capture One by default.

However, in Excire Foto there is the possibility to change this behavior by activating the option "Always use sidecar files" in the settings in the "Metadata" tab. If Capture One is used in addition to Excire Foto, this option must be activated before loading or saving metadata in Excire Foto.

Furthermore, there is an option in Capture One that controls whether the metadata embedded in the image file (as Excire Foto writes it by default) or the metadata from the sidecar file is preferred when reading ("Image" tab -> "Prefer Sidecar XMP instead of Metadata Embedding"). This option is enabled by default. We recommend that you do not change this. If the "Always use sidecar files" option is enabled in Excire Foto, then the metadata written to sidecar files by Excire Foto is thus preferred over the metadata embedded in the photos when metadata is read in Capture One.

Windows Explorer:
Windows Explorer in Windows 10 writes keywords assigned to photos there to both the Windows native metadata field "XPKeywords", and the standardized metadata field "dc-subject". Excire Foto only reads the standardized field. In older Windows versions, Windows Explorer only wrote to the Windows native field. Therefore keywords written this way are not read by Excire Foto.

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