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Excire Search Version 2.1.0
This version contains the following improvements:

  • A native version for arm64 Macs (M1 processor) is now available.
  • The threshold values for the search with sample photo and the search for people can now be set individually.
  • "Transfer Keywords - Batched" has been improved. The list of keywords now shows only the keywords assigned to photos in the catalog by default. Also, bugs in searching and selecting keywords in the list have been fixed.
  • "Transfer Keywords" now shows the file name of the current photo.
  • Last selected keywords in "Search with Keyword" and "Search for People" are no longer preselected after a Lightroom restart.
  • When automatically initializing photos during import, messages are now displayed if photos could not be initialized.
  • In the plug-in manager, there is a new "Database" section in which, in addition to "Reset or Restore Database", it is now also possible to manually trigger a backup ("Backup Database..."). When saving and loading backups, there is now a file dialog for selecting the backup. At the end of larger photo initializations, an automatic backup of the database is also still performed and placed into the catalog directory.
  • Direct support of newer raw formats. This increases the speed of initializing photos of these formats. Unsupported formats are still supported by a Lightroom export to a temporary file, which is performed automatically in such cases.
  • The trial period has been reset.
  • Minor bugs have been fixed.

Thanks for the updates and improvements happy wheels

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