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What to do first? Excire, external HD, NAS
Just purchased Excire for new M1 Chip Mac. Would appreciate best advice regarding setting it up because:

5GB of Images to be keyworded are in folders/sub-folders on an external hard drive.

All images from HD will be transferred to a new Raid 1 Synology NAS -- which will be set up next week.

I had planned to use Excire to keyword the images BEFORE transferring them to the NAS. (Once the NAS is set up, I will erase and no longer use the external HD.)

(1) Is that a good idea -- to keyword the images on the External HD BEFORE transferring/deleting them? If yes, then will the catalog/database be on the External HD and need to be moved over to the NAS?

(2) [font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Or best to not keyword the images until AFTER they have been transferred to the NAS?[/font]

(3) What are the Pros/Cons for the placement of the catalog (database?) on the computer? Or the NAS? 

There are a lot of new moving parts and I want to avoid as many rookie mistakes as possible.


Hi Susan,

technically both is possible - keyword the images before moving them to the NAS or after moving them.
After you moved them, you need to tell Excire Foto the new storage location so it will reconnect the folders (right-click the folder name in Excire Foto - "relocate" (I hope that is the correct English wording, as I am working with the German version) )

You can optionally also move the Excire Foto database to the NAS, but on a local drive, ideally SSD, you will have a better performance.
In general, the location of the database is independent from the image locations.

You find instructions on how to move the standard database in this forum's faq section.

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