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Excire error: shutdown task unresponsive
Hi everyone,

It seems Excire Search is preventing Lightroom Classic from launching on my Mac (Big Sur). Here's what happens:
  • After launching Lightroom, I get a pop up window saying "unexpected error opening catalog." The window offers three options: Choose Different Catalog, Try Again, or Quit. Choosing a catalog doesn't work and simply returns me to the pop up window, so I click Quit.

  • At that point, another message appears: A shutdown task for the plugin Excire Search became unresponsive and may not have run to completion.

Any guidance on how to resolve this error is appreciated. Thx, Rrose
Hi Rrose,

this sounds like something is wrong with your Lightroom catalog or installation. That Excire has a problem shutting down without Lightroom having been properly functioning, would most probably just be the consequence.
If the Lightroom menu works, you can also send us an error report that is automatically generated when you click on the respective button in the Lightroom pliugin-manager where you find the Excire Search plugin.
Also make sure that you have the most recent version of Excire Search installed. You will find the download here in the forum under "announcements".

Best regards
Thanks, Hendrik! I deleted the Excire files ( and excire-search.lrplugin) by dragging them from Finder to the trash . This enabled me to successfully launch Lightroom Classic.

I should have mentioned that I've been using Excire Search for more than a year without issues. This situation happened the same day I updated to Big Sur 11.5, so I'm wondering if that was a coincidence or the reason for the problem.

At this point, do you recommend that I simply re-install the most current version of Excire Search and see if it works? Thx, Rrose
For anyone reading this later:
Yes, you can always try reinstalling the newest version of the software. You will find the download link under announcements in this forum.

In case of problems with the software, please contact our support by email. It will respond quickly, and find an individual answer to your question.

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