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I have just heard about Excire so am on the free trial. The main reasons I am looking at it is up to now the only program that is close to being right for me is adobe bridge but even then it isn't really for me so I have no real interest in using it. Excire on the other hand seems to really fit the bill, the one thing I can't check fully is the KEYWORD system. Yes the Excire keywords work well but I can't see or use my existing keywords. Is this because it is disabled in the free trial?

I also use Affinity photo and their file format of .afphoto is not recognised at all so Excire won't even show a generic thumb for those files. If it did I think Excire would be perfect for me. I don't even want a thumbnail image, Just a coloured square with AP in it would be best for me.

As more and more people leave the adobe subs model for the outright purchase of A-Photo a good DAM (which this seems to be) is needed. I have just noticed you don't even support the PS psd format either which I am surprised (and disappointed with as if you don't support psd in any way there is no chance you will support afphoto) at. While this would not be a deal breaker the lack of own keywords import may well be. Is it just disabled in the trial?

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