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Best image resolution for Excire Foto?
I am a new user of Excire, and I am considering exporting images from my asset management system specifically for Excire to work with.

I would expect there to be a trade-off between image size and analysis time in Excire - the higher the image resolution, the longer it would take to analyse, but presumably the outcome will be more accurate at object recognition, up to a point. 

Ignoring any space and time constraints on the export, what do you think would be the best image resolution for Excire to analyse? 

Is there a size beyond which there is no significant gain, in your experience?

Is there a size below which object recognition for the subject of an image (such as a dog occupying one quarter of the image) typically fails for you?

Thank you!
In my opinion — also as a new user — just show Excire Foto where your hierarchy is, and let it rip!

My "Pictures" folder, with over 300,000 images comprising nearly a terabyte, took three days to index on an upgraded 2009 MacPro 4,1.

But now that *that's* over, most operations are fairly quick.

Regarding your second question, about images that are too small, it will not even look at images below a certain size — I believe it's 100x100 pixels. I have a bunch of images (headshots for a website) that are just above that at 128x128, and it successfully matches them with others with the same face.
Thanks Jan - having had no reply for a long time, that's exactly what I did!
I also had a few dozen quarter-gigapixel drum scans of 10x12cm film. I have no idea how their size impacted the import, but viewing them in either the catalog or the preview is just as fast as viewing old ~5 Mpx slide scans, unlike ON1, which took forever to preview them.

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