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Issues with new installation
I purchased Excire Foto and Analytics and am running it on a 12th gen I7 under Windows with 32gb RAM. 

I added a root folder on a drive with just over 200,000 files (JPEGs, PSDs, RAW (NEF), & TIFF) in 500 folders. I came back after 3 hours and the Excire Foto user interface was completely blank/black, except for the menu. Nothing else was displayed. No files appeared to have been cataloged. I closed the app and re-opened it and now it shows 109,000 files - over 90,000 files were missing. It appears it only cataloged JPEG files. The drive with the Excire database has over 180gb of space available and the Excire files are only occupying 28gb. When I started adding the files, I opted for analyzing then at the same time, however it appears none were analyzed.

1st question: Why aren't all of my files being stored, and why does the app tell me none were analyzed?

I don't appear to have the Analytics extension loaded. I get a dialog indicating I should "check for update", but when I do that, I'm told I'm up to date. The registration email I received contained 2 duplicate links for the analytics PDF, but none for the software.
2nd question: How do I get the analytics extension?

3rd question: I changed some of the "preferences" - do I have to re-add the root folder again to get them to take effect?


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