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Find Duplicates Feature but unable to accurately delete the searched duplicates

I would like to ask for help in using the Duplicate Feature.

I actually sent an email earlier asking about this feature while using the Trial Version, but upon testing out the software and using a test folder, I thought I got it figured out and took the plunge of buying the full version. However, I am having issues with it and I was hoping I could ask for your help.

I have many photos, around 75k of them. Half of it are duplicates. Through the years, I have been storing family and all sorts of photos on external drives, and when I decided to move from external drives to the cloud, I decided to copy and move these photos. I wasn't sure which ones I have already copied, resulting in duplicates.

When using the Find Duplicates feature, in just one folder with 8,128 photos, 4,567 duplicates were found.


But when I try to delete these, it says

Please note that all my photos do not have ratings, flags, etc. And I don't think I can flag and go through all 75k photos.

So I try the Flagging Assistant with different settings:

Cannot do the above since "Automatically Flag Photos" is deactivated.. I try the Advanced Settings below:

I do not want to check the rated or unrated attribute since all my photos are unrated, none are rated. But the option "Automatically Flag Photos" is still deactivated.

If I try clicking the "rated" attribute, since all my photos are unrated, this will show no records. So I try choosing the "unrated" attribute. What it does is flags ALL photos in that folder, and not just the duplicates.


Now my question is, how do I delete the 4,567 duplicates only? The feature this was intended for? Please help.
I have not used this feature in Excire Foto yet and from your descriptions, sounds complicated.

I do use Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5 from to get rid of my duplicates. I am really happy with it and it works as intended. It is at a costs of $39 though.

It lets you find duplicates by searching for matching filenames and extensions. It even expand to matching dimension and aspect ratio. It also hashes the files to make sure they are the same. Then it displays the duplicates in groups for review. You can select to save one from each group.

The coolest part is it lets protect one folder or many from deletions. Useful if you imported a new folder and just want to delete photos in that photo. You can even exclude folders and extensions. I have not found a scenario where it did not have the option for.

For something as important as permanent deletions of your treasure, you really want to mess with a new feature in Foto. The only thing l love about Foto is the AI tagging feature and it is still in its infancy, but I bought anyway as there are no other alternatives other than on-line subscriptions.

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