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Excire Foto Version 2.1.1
Version 2.1.1 contains the following changes:
  • The trial period has been reset
  • (Mac) The emulated x64 version now downloads the arm64 updater
  • (Windows) Fixed a bug that prevented loading lens models for some raw files
  • Tooltip added to the entries of the metadata filters
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to slow startup when entering the same key multiple times
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong language setting was detected at startup
  • Fixed a bug where photos could not be properly deleted from the device
  • Minor bug fixes, design changes and improvements

Mac-x64 (intel):
MD5: 821509abcbc2e3a0ddb89bcf74cffd85
SHA256: 269ea35d63aa4a2a1687b6ca6816b7e7c0f2a8f37437c724eca80f802d269ff1

Mac-arm64 (e.g. M1, M2):
MD5: 84cd08b6beda8fa75aaa3f7f9870d997
SHA256: b51c28db63f80d3f1b2e872f8b0f5dcd611079936f1d5faea5981381b7e6705b

MD5: bf09137bdf31be5e7f82e8666c44c26a
SHA256: 421ba1892e25d4563f6c55eea8ae8ddf2a4f39741a2a43809bcd5f4670b87122

Version 2.1.1 can be installed over the existing version without having to add the photos again.
The first start will take a little longer due to database migrations and optimizations.
A database that has been migrated to version 2.1.1 can no longer be used with older versions.

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