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Why can't I return or exchange Excire software after purchase?
After the purchase return or exchange is not possible
With the purchase, the customer receives a license key, with which the full version of the respective product is unlocked.
After that, the software is immediately fully usable. You can start working and tagging your photo collection right away, and you can also save it outside the program.
A return or exchange is then excluded.
It doesn't matter if you just bought the program or three weeks ago.

Is this allowed?
Yes, we point out this circumstance extra at the time of purchase. The buyer must expressly agree to the waiver of revocation by clicking.
It's like with a music CD: once you've bought it, it doesn't matter how many times you've listened to it, you can't return it after just one listen.
Before this regulation, many buyers took advantage of the right of return and quickly transferred the music to a cassette or burned a copy of the CD. The right of return was then adapted and also applies to software accordingly.

Therefore: Test the software before buying
So that our customers can test the software before the purchase, we offer in each case the possibility of testing the program in a slightly limited version for 14 days free of charge.
(Click here for the test version:

After the trial period has expired, the program can then be activated to the full version with a purchased license key. All data from the test phase will be kept.

We look for solutions with our customers
If you are not satisfied with the software, have problems or questions, please contact our support. There are people working there who are happy to help and try to solve your problem in dialog with you.

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