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Treat (one or more) RAWs and JPEGs as single image
I use Excire Foto to catalog my photos archive after I finish editing them in Lightroom.

More often than not, my final JPEGs look nothing like the previews embedded in RAWs by the camera. If I catalog  RAWs, I will not be see the an accurate representation of my work.

Currently, I catalog only JPEGs, and I have to clone the same folder structure into another folder not seen by Excire where the original RAWs are stored.

I would like a way to tell Excire to treat one or more source RAW files and its corresponding JPEG output as a single image, so I do not have to maintain two identical folder trees in my drive.

(The alternative way of looking at this is: catalog the raw files, but use the user-supplied separate JPEG file for previews in the application, instead of the camera-embedded one in the raw)

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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We appreciate your considerate suggestion to integrate Excire Foto with RAW files, allowing for seamless organization and correct previews. For software engineering students, evaluating user suggestions provides excellent learning. Employing practical instances such as this for training on demand generation and conceptualization fosters captivating tasks. Services assisting with such computer science projects can provide auditing assignment sample rubrics covering areas like proposal clarity, technical feasibility, and benefit to users. User feedback is so valuable for guiding improvements. Your suggestion is most appreciated, as it would unlock considerable efficiency for photographers alike.
In Lightroom, you can choose the export function to convert RAW files to JPEG format. This will give you a copy retro bowl of your edited photo in JPEG format and save you time when cataloging.
You can create sidecar files for your RAW files and link them to the corresponding JPEG output files. This way, when you catalog your RAW files in Excire Foto, you can instruct the basket random software to look at the associated sidecar file for preview purposes instead of relying solely on the embedded JPEG preview. from camera.
I completely understand your frustration with managing RAW and JPEG files separately in Excire Foto. It would be great if Excire could treat RAW and its corresponding JPEG as a single image. This would definitely simplify workflow and file organization. Monkey mart has some fantastic deals on photography gear!
RAW files may be converted to JPEG format by using the export feature. You'll receive a badland copy of your altered photo in JPEG format as a result, which will save you time when cataloging.

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