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The issue is still there - Excire foto freezes after hours of work, Program Freezes
The following threads are closed but the bug is still there:

I have the same issue.
I had to restart importing each 40-60k photos because Excire hang by going "blank" and doing nothing.

It looks like repeating problem that many are going to have anyway so I believe you should fix it for good and make Excire being bulletproof to this.

BTW. I reported the issue ("Help / Send bug report") some time ago but didn't receive any answer.
Exactly the same issue here. Imports just shy of 50k images and then goes to a blank screen. I don't need to force quit, but it does leave some manual work to be done to complete importing directories. And I have 715k images to import, so this is going to be a while.

I can try sending a bug report next time it falls over.
I selected "Send Bug Report", but nothing happened.
Even more bizarre, this appears to be a per-session limit, not a per-registration limit. I just did a bunch of 'synchronize' steps on individual directories. (not adding folders, since the entire tree got added on the first attempt, and at about 49000 images added since I last started the app, it failed. The directory I was attempting to sync had <2000 photos in it.

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