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Encoding or Font Problem
Hello ! 
Anyone have an idea on this font or encoding problem ?
Thanks a lot for your Answer !


I'm on an iMac 27 2017 i5 under MacOs Ventura 13.1 for information ;-)

can you please check your Excire Photo settings? Hit command+, while Excire Photo is open. You should be at the first TAB of the settings automatically. There is a drop down to the right first option, chose English here or whatever language you require. Also the second option is for the key word language, if that is also changed. Save the dialog and restart Excire Photo.

Let us know if the issue is gone.

We resolved this issue in support.
It was a MacOS specific problem.
It turned out that there was a conflict with the Roboto Font with the ones installed by Adobe Font…
After deleting the Adobe one it works fine now, as the customer confirmed.

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