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Excire Foto Version 2.2.1
Version 2.2.1 contains the following changes:
  • Fixed relocation of folders with special characters
  • Optimized automated restart hint for preferences
  • Minor bug fixes, design changes and improvements

Version 2.2.0 contains the following changes:
  • The trial period has been reset
  • Added new licensing process (old licenses are still valid)
  • Photos can now be dragged and dropped into other applications (Shortcut: Mac 'CMD', Win 'CTRL')
  • Spaces can now be used in renaming profiles
  • Log files are now zipped before transmission
  • Added native OM-1 support for older operating systems
  • Fixed external search for .heic and .psd files
  • Fixed search by user-defined face region for .heic and .psd files
  • (Windows) Fixed a bug that prevented the correct date display of values before 1971
  • (Mac) Most date displays now use the format set in the operating system
  • Minor bug fixes, design changes and improvements

Mac-x64 (Intel):
MD5: 781f59134cf13eb7a0840d2c4b230494
SHA256: b0147a206304e6718a7c52968ecefdf1728766372283f1e545bfbcd30fc5ef6c

Mac-arm64 (z. B. M1, M2):
MD5: 8391cb1b35b4821a7d1b2acc8677aa09
SHA256: 78fa9cbdd41d99debc2076b3ca26a41d37104a72dfc630c11fa6e314dadc6335

MD5: c7b7b3daf6fb7948bd89ac981f47a55f
SHA256: bb4832068b4cfe9bec48a311bfb88e468ba62323c0df841bbf402989bb1d076a

Version 2.2.1 can be installed over the existing version without having to add the photos again.
The first start will take a little longer due to database migrations and optimizations.
A database that has been migrated to version 2.2.1 can no longer be used with older versions.
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Wow. It's amazing the sw is in evolution!

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