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How to name people
I can do the people search and it works but is there a way to name each person?

If i find the face of Gunther how do I tell the program that yes this is Gunther and please associate him with this photo and any matching photos in people search?
More like the feature in Lightroom Classic.

Or do I just use a keyword?
Hey searchingPanda,

I would do it like you already said. I would use keywords.

If you preform a people search you can search for an image where Gunther is present. At the search result I would just assign the Gunther keyword to those inages where Gunther is really in.
Sadly there is no automation, which would automatically do something for you if ou add new photos where Gunther is present.

Hi Joerg

Thank you.
I understand.

A feature like you mention would b a great additional feature but might be out of scope
of what the tool is envisioned to perform.

Still it seems like the tool is 90% there already.
Being able to find a person is probably the hardest task I would think.
Hi searchingPanda,

I agree. I love the tools and regardless of the tool, as this is valid for all kind of software - there is always room for improvement, eh?


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