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Move Photo (2 suggestions)

When moving a photo between folders, the file dialog box always opens showing the folder containing the file to be moved, which will never be the destination, and so one always has to navigate to select the destination folder. If instead, the file dialog opened showing the folder most recently selected as a destination, sometimes that would be the intened folder and would save a few clicks.

When moving a photo between folders, if there are many rows of thumbnails and the file to be moved is far down in the rows, after the move completes Excire scrolls the view backwards to the very first row of thumbnails. It would be better if the view remained where it was.

Thanks for considering these suggestions,
I also wished several times to have a better UI experience. Same things happen when you work on keywords, if you delete one, the list scrolls back to the top instead of just keep the sport where you deleted the keyword (so basically jumping to the next or previous keyword). It is boring you always have to scroll forth and back. Not very userfriendly.

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