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Excire Keywords
How can I view the keywords that Excire has attached to an image after initialize?
Excire Search Pro offers a keyword-transfer function.
After transfering keywords they should appear in the keyword-views of Lightroom.

For further information please check out tutorial number 7 :
Half of buttons in this English side of the forum are in German, have to figure out trial an error how to even post.  Can't find a button post a new topic so reply.  All the keywords being generated are separated by "< " not ", " see below. This is useless as it isn't being picked up as keywords when I upload an image to a site.  Also it keep putting the company name in the keywords which seems a bit sneaky where do I shut that off?  and it duplicates key words.  thanks

Key words generated from one image.
Architecture < Content < Excire (en), Clouds < Nature < Content < Excire (en), Colorless < Photography < Excire (en), Nature < Content < Excire (en), Sky < Nature < Content < Excire (en)

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