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First Steps
To setup Excire Search for searching images in your Lightroom catalog you need to conduct the following steps:

1. Use the provided installer (Windows or Mac OSX) to install our plugin. It is easy and you only have to follow the installation instructions.

2. If available please enter your email address as well as your license key in the "Excire Search" section of your Lightroom plug-in manager.

3. Before you are able to search by means of our plugin, you need to initialize your Lightroom catalog. Please open the initialization dialogue by means of "Library->Plug-in Extras->Initialize Photos...". In the upcoming dialog you are able to specify, if you want to initialize all of your images or only the images, that are visible in you current filmstrip. We recommend to perform the initialization over night and/or stepwise. Images, that are imported afterwards, should be initialized as well. Due to the smaller amount of data this can be done much faster than the initial initializiation of a Lightroom catalog. A workflow consisting of the combination of "import & initialize" will help to have a permanent initialized catalog.

After conducting these steps you are ready for searching by means of Excire Search.

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