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FAQ Overview - Sorted list of all questions
Important before you buy:

What system requirements do Excire Search have?

What's the difference between an Update and an Upgrade?

How do I get update notifications?

How many Excire Search instances can I install?

Are there different licenses for macOS and Windows?

Installation and Menu Entries:

How do I install Excire Search?

How do I enter my license key?

Where do I find the Excire Search menu entries?

Excire Search is not listed as a plug-in in Lightroom (anymore)

The "Plug-in Extras" menu is empty

Can Excire Search be moved after installation?

macOS: The installation of Excire Search failed

Initialization of a Lr Catalogue:

How do I initialize my lightroom catalog before using Excire Search?

Which image formats are supported?

Why does Excire Search export some images during initialization?

Some of my images could not be found during initialization.

Do you send my images to any cloud service?

Does initialization start automatically after importing new images?

Is there a possibility to accelerate the initialization?

Searching and Working With Excire Search:

How can I store an Excire Search retrieval result?

How can I find images that cannot be found with the Excire Search keywords?

How do keywords detected by Excire Search become visible in Lightroom?

Is it possible to submit wrongly classified images to re-train the Excire classifier?

Does Excire Search support searching over multiple Lightroom catalogs?

When should I use "Update Photos..."?

What must be considered when exporting photos with Excire keywords?

Backup or The Like:

Is there a backup solution for Excire Search?

What should I do with my Excire Search database, if I move my Lightroom catalog?

Where can I find the Excire Search database?

Can I use the same database from multiple computers?

How can I reset the Excire Search database or restore a backup?


How to uninstall Excire Search?

In case of error:

What should I do if an error occures?

What can I do, if my processor is no longer supported?

Update from Excire Search to Excire Search 2:

"Update Photo Data" is slow when updating to Excire Search 2.0. What can I do?

What must be considered when downgrading from Excire Search 2 to Excire Search?


Can we have Excire Search in Capture One?

How can I get my license key sent again?

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